About Us

Allegro Group specializes in high-quality Web and Graphic Design. Our Designers are experienced, creative, and detail-oriented. Build your business with a Web site, logo, Social Media Presence, business cards, and custom Marketing and Advertising to meet your needs. Put our team and EXPERTISE to work for YOU!

Celebrate your homeschooler, nontraditional learner, and/or special needs child, relative, or client with custom diplomas and certificates of achievement. At Allegro, we have a heart for the elderly, disabled, and those with special needs.

Organize with our PROFESSIONAL document team and save time as we proofread for you! Allegro produces high quality manuals, agreements, forms, and leases. Examples include agreements and manuals for in-home child care and day care centers, as well as credit check forms, rental leases, employee manuals and agreements, and detailed ISO 9000 documentation.

At Allegro, we help those looking for a job or new career by creating accurate and effective resumes and cover letters. Our experienced team will also help you throughout the application process.

We help individuals and families start small businesses and charities and structure LLC’s and nonprofits to meet their needs. Our experienced team can assist with trademarks, copyrights, and patents—as well as hiring, payroll, and taxes.

Our Information Technology (IT) Department offers Customer-Focused Tech Support Services. Our Technical Support Professionals are highly trained individuals who have worked in the computer field for many years. At Allegro, we get to the root of your problem quickly and effectively, so you can get back to business as quickly as possible!

EXCELLENCE is the bottom line at Allegro; we go the extra mile for YOU!

Missouri Headquarters

Phone/Text: 314/467-8424

Allegro Group was founded in March of 1990; our LLC was formed on August 5, 2005. We are here to meet your needs and adhere to good, solid, old-fashioned principles. Our word is our bond. We do our best for each customer and project—and provide what we would want and expect if we were hiring the folks at Allegro.

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